Babylon translations s.l.

The Tower of Babel (Pieter Bruegel the Elder - 1563)

A descendant of Noah, King Nimrod defied the authority of God. He set out to construct in the region of Babylon a tower higher than Mount Ararat, where his ancestor's ark had foundered, and which no new flood would be able to submerge. To punish his pride, God multiplied the languages so that people would no longer understand each other, which brought a halt to the construction of the Tower of Babel… and sowed the seeds of the translator's profession.



Babylon translations s.l., operating from Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) and Dakar (Senegal), is a translation agency founded by Alain Randon, a multidisciplinary translator for more than 25 years. Originally from the south of France, Alain Randon (aged 58) has lived in various countries (France, the Netherlands, Spain and Senegal). Alongside his profession of translator, Alain is passionate about painting, reading, writing and drawing. It was he himself who devised and drew the plans for his home in the Canaries.

Alain is from a family of magistrates (father and grandfather) and it is completely natural that his admiration for this profession formed the basis for his main area of specialisation: the translation of legal texts. Alain Randon studied economics in Aix-en-Provence (France) before following training for the advertising profession in Marseilles (France), which culminated in his obtaining, in Paris, a higher diploma in advertising, with English as linguistic specialisation.

Over the years Babylon translations s.l. has also acquired great expertise in the translation of financial documents (annual reports) as well as in real estate, the horticultural and floriculture sector, the construction and air conditioning of glasshouses, gastronomy, transport and storage, technology, printing, publicity, tourism, office furniture and environmental techniques (including environmental reports), etc.