Babylon translations s.l.

The Tower of Babel (Pieter Bruegel the Elder - 1563)

A descendant of Noah, King Nimrod defied the authority of God. He set out to construct in the region of Babylon a tower higher than Mount Ararat, where his ancestor's ark had foundered, and which no new flood would be able to submerge. To punish his pride, God multiplied the languages so that people would no longer understand each other, which brought a halt to the construction of the Tower of Babel… and sowed the seeds of the translator's profession.



Babylon translations s.l. carries out superior quality translations in eleven language combinations: Dutch-French, English-French, Spanish-French, English-Spanish, Dutch-Spanish, French-Spanish, Catalan-Spanish, Dutch-Catalan, English-Catalan, French-Catalan and Spanish-Catalan. The agency also specialises in urgent and confidential translations (including press releases and internal announcements).

Babylon translations s.l. uses professional software (Transit, Trados 2007, SDL Studio 2009) and has highly detailed terminology databases as well as specialist dictionaries. It is by combining quality, research, general knowledge, professional know-how and finally and particularly intuition that the agency has been able to develop a faithful clientèle in various countries and market sectors. Translation is an art: The art of creating in another language, using the terminological and cultural elements of the original text, a message that will touch the right chord with the reader with the same intensity and which will exert the same power of conviction on the reader.


Babylon translations s.l. regularly translates all types of contract, bailiff's writs, court orders, notes for submissions, general conditions and other legal documents. In the context of the Dutch presidency of the European Union the agency in 1997 translated various working documents (including the achievements of the Council of Europe on the subject of "The Rule of Law and the Justice System" and reports of the focus groups of the conference organised by the Dutch Justice Ministry on the question of the independence of the judicial system.


In the financial field, Babylon translations s.l. has for very many years been translating for various audit and accounting firms the annual reports of banks and international organisations as well as press releases relating to company mergers and acquisitions, flotation prospectuses and other financial documents.

Art and culture

Music, literature, painting, sculpture and tourism are also preferred fields for Babylon translations s.l., which among other things has carried out the translation of a book presenting the Island of Fuerteventura ("Fuerteventura par les Images" or Fuerteventura in Pictures), a true voyage of initiation for tourists interested by the geological characteristics of this volcanic island, the countryside, the flora and fauna, the protected natural spaces, the cultural heritage, the gastronomy and the climate. Babylon translations s.l. also works for various cultural organisations and commercial companies, including an internationally renowned company specialising in the production and sale of miniature replicas of among other things objets d'art, sculptures or clothing collections.

Development aid

Babylon translations s.l. has been translating for more than 20 years for international NGOs (non-governmental organisations) active internationally in the field of emergency aid, the battle against poverty and structural development aid. Its translation work includes internal documents as well as national and international public awareness and fundraising campaigns. Particularly aware of these problems as a result of his ties with Africa, at the end of 2011, together with two Spanish partners who share the same passion, the managing director and owner of Babylon translations s.l. Alain Randon created the Asociación Canaria de Intercambios Solidarios (ACIS), an organisation the aim of which is to fund small economic development projects in Senegal among other places.


Finally Babylon translations s.l. undertakes the translation of various technical documents (including in the context of the award of international contracts) , in particular in the sectors construction, dredging, oil, petrochemicals, transport and logistics. The terminology databases and the ability to integrate technical knowledge in commercial and legal contexts assume particular importance in this context.


Babylon translations s.l. also owes its success to its flexibility and transparency in matters of speed of response, delivery and service. Honouring the undertakings made in terms of both rates and delivery time is as important as the quality of the work, the achievement of these objectives being necessarily based on realistic, transparent and interactive relationships with the client.